Friday, February 23, 2018


New NOAA-supported West Coast studies to look at models for sustaining America's fishing industry

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The “locavore” movement helps America’s farmers. Could it also help our fishing industry? Two new NOAA Sea Grant studies will look at how new business models, based on the success of community supported agriculture, could benefit fishing communities in Washington, Oregon, and California.

The serendipitous discovery of solar flares

Independent astronomer records massive solar storm in 1859

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Way back before we had the Internet and telephones and electrical wiring, scientists learned how solar flares can play havoc with manmade technologies. They also connected solar flares to the fantastic displays of auroral light, usually seen only at far northern and southern latitudes. And this discovery was completely by accident.

Utah’s winter air quality mystery

NOAA study targets high ozone pollution events in western oil and gas fields

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During the last two winters, air quality monitors near oil and gas fields in the Uintah Basin have picked up episodes of ozone pollution far in excess of federal health-based standards in the least likely time -- during winter. 


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